About Us

Crunch is a visual communications and information technology company located in Sydney servicing clients throughout the Asia-Pacific. We provide website design & development, graphic design, multimedia, user interface design, branding & identity design services to commercial, government and non-profit organisations.

Our goals are to help our clients increase market share, boost sales and create awareness and we do this creatively, strategically, and without jargon and tech-speak in a language our clients can understand. After hundreds of successfully completed projects, we pride ourselves on our ability to consistently build strong relationships with our customers and deliver quality results.

Why we are different

It’s our ability to connect the planning process all the way through to the resulting user experience. Ultimately, this has led to a whole different kind of agency culture. Simply pumping out seductive visual design doesn’t count as a job well done here. Instead, everyone is accountable for actively connecting the various phases of our process. It’s a process that defines specific, measurable goals, and then ensures all subsequent design decisions address these goals.

Our team includes writers, interactive and print designers, multimedia, IT, and web development specialists. Our aim is to help our clients efficiently communicate and optimise their business process with visual design and technology solutions. The vast majority of our clients have been with us for many years and the reason for this is that we do the kind of work that not only gets talked about, but gets real results. If you’ve got an ambitious new project with the potential to change how people do business, we’d love to hear about it.

Meet the team